The Tempted Palate Cajun/Creole Food Truck & Catering

        About The Tempted Palate 

Who We Are



At the time, the two were employed at JCPenney . While pursuing different careers, Henri as a Master Stylist in the salon and Dyandra as a Department Manager, both had dreams of pursuing their cooking talents.

Henri, with cooking experience from various restaurants, has an interest in dough.  He has mastered making dough from scratch and specializes in gourmet pizzas, golden buttery flakey biscuits, and doughnuts that will melt in your mouth!

Dyandra, former Co-Owner of N'Orleans Cafe in St. Louis, MO and  District Manager for Church's Chicken in Tampa, FL. longed to pursue her passion for cooking with a specialty in Cajun/Creole cuisine!


Both longed to be in love and once Henri had enough nerve to ask Dyandra out for a date, the two hit it off every since!  They share a passion to serve, bubbly personalities, and have combined 20+ years of experience in the food industry.